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HON 4960 Lifehacking the Literature: Preservation & Permanance


  • Think about how much information is generated every day versus how much is preserved/kept... are we keeping too much or not enough?
  • What does 'permanance' mean for physical and digital information objects?

Required Materials

Relevant LibGuides

Discussion Question regarding Info Suppression/Control

As you read our required and supplemental readings about the Control and Suppresion of Information, prepare one substantial question to generate in-class discussion.  It could be a moral or ethical question brought up by the reading, a question that draws connections between multiple readings, a question that asks your colleagues to refine their definitions or reconceptualize the topic, etc. 

Submit your question via e-mail by 12 midnight on the day before our class to receive credit for this assignment!

Primary Sources / Carl Joseph

Primary sources are the 'raw data' of research.  In order to transform this data in knowledge, it must be synthesized and not merely summarized.  Read the Carl Joseph documents copied from the collections of the University Archives.   Based on the documents, write a 2-3 page biography of Carl Joseph.  Include as much information as you are able to ascertain based upon the documents you have read.

Other Readings & Diversions