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Guide to using Embase - an international biomedical and pharmaceutical database

Article Search

From the Embase Topic Article Search

In the article search form you can search within specific areas of an article, such as the title or author name.

To run an Article search, go to any page within Embase, click 'Article' in the top menu and select 'Article'.


Use the following tools to improve your Article search


Document field



Enter words, phrases, or complete article titles.

  • You do not need to use quotation marks around words in this field. The results are the same for both.
  • Words in this field are always treated as related with the Boolean operator AND in the first search. You can change this to OR in the results screen.

Authors' names

Enter an author’s full name, first name, or family name.

  • For the most accurate results, please use the format: family name followed by initials. The initials should be separated by a period or space, thus: smith j.c. or smith j c
  • Using smith j will also retrieve variants such as smith j c and smith j d, so you do not need to know the full name.
  • If a name contains an apostrophe, please use an accent grave (`) with a space after it instead of an apostrophe, thus: O` Neill rather than O’Neill or O’ Neill

Journal title /
Abbreviated Journal Title

Enter an exact title or words and phrases from the title.

  • If you keep the 'Exact' checkbox selected, the search will be exact and will only return results that are a perfect match. If you de-select the 'Exact', it will look for all titles with those words. See an example
  • View the list of the journals in Embase and their abbreviations here.


Search for journal ISSN and CODEN identifiers. ISSN and CODEN searches are carried out as phrase searches in the appropriate fields.

  • For ISSNs, you may enter the information with or without hyphens: 0028-4793 or 00284793
  • For CODEN searches, use the five-character code (without the checkdigit), e.g. NEJMA.
    Please note: CODEN codes are no longer assigned to new journals. This is only available for titles added before 2005.

Volume, Issue and First page

Specify the volume and issue of a journal, and indicate the page on which an article begins. Enter whatever information you know, with or without quotes, and Embase will retrieve the best match or matches.

Publication Years

Define whether you want your Article Search to cover the whole history of Embase content or to define a particular period for your search.

  • If you do not select this checkbox, the whole Embase searches all the records going back to 1966 and before.