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Guide to using Embase - an international biomedical and pharmaceutical database

Embase PICO - Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome - Advanced Search

Select PICO from the Embase home page



Enter at least one search term. Consider options that Embase instantaneously provides.


Tutorials and Guides - Embase PICO searches

  • Can Emtree (Embase subject headings) be found and used? You can browse Emtree directly on the search page. Just start typing the first few letters of a word in any of the first 4 PICO elements (above). For example, diabi in Population).  Apply the best Emtree term (here diabetic patient, along with any synonyms if desired.  

  • Is there a video or guide for using the PICO search form?
  • How do I add or remove synonyms when using the PICO search form?

  • Systematic searching in Embase: Using PICO to identify relevant results 
A video of the BrightTalk March 2018 webinar can be viewed here.(Free, registration required)
Slides of the webinar are at the above link.
This is an introductionary webinar on searching the medical literature to answer clinical questions, with a focus on PICO Search Strategies. 
In this webinar, Embase solution marketing manager Xuanyan Xu will discuss:
  • The basics of systematic review and guideline making
  •  The concepts that form a PICO search strategy 
  • How to use PICO search form in Embase to build effective searches