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Guide to using Embase - an international biomedical and pharmaceutical database

Combining Embase Search Results

Combining results from 2 or more searches
Example -  'opioid addiction'  AND pain

  •  Search separately for pain  and 'opiate addiction'  (1)
    • Click to the left of #1 and #2
  • Click on the button to the left of And  to locate articles with both of these terms
    • Click on Combine


See box below on how to narrow/refine the 3,800+  results (#3)

More at Embase 104 - Refining Search Results 

Limit search results through left column options - Embase

Go to the column to the left of the search results. Narrow the search with one or more of the options, as

  • Sources (Embase and/or Medline)
  • Drugs
  • Diseases
  • Study types (human, clinical trial, case report, cinical article, etc)
  • Publication types ( article, review, letter, conference paper, etc)

Click on Apply at the top of the options when done