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Guide to using Embase - an international biomedical and pharmaceutical database

Excluding Medline citations from Embase results

Excluding Medline citations will exclude the majority of PubMed citaitons. Remember PubMed includes not only Medline but other sources. For example life science articles are extracted from general science and chemistry journals.

  • To limit your search to records unique to Embase add the following limit to your search  -->  AND [embase]/lim  This will include records for articles indexed by BOTH Embase and Medline, but exclude articles indexed only for Medline
  • To limit your search to exclude all Medline records add the following limit to your search --> NOT [medline]/lim This will exclude ALL Medline records (including articles indexed by BOTH Embase and Medline)

Below is a search for Review articles on Exercise Induced Asthma in Embase, excluding PubMed/Medline records
* Click on Sources (left column of results)
Click within the circle marked Embase
Click on Apply