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EndNote Library Management

Creating a Bibliography from Multiple Documents with EndNote

Use the Master Document feature in Word to create a single bibliography from multiple documents, e.g. a cumulative bibliography from several book chapters. (Or, use a single Word document split into Sections. See Creating Multiple Bibliographies in a Single Document.)

To generate a single bibliography:

1. Insert citations in each document or chapter to link them to references in an EndNote library (see Getting Citations from EndNote to Word).
2. In Word, go to the EndNote tab, find the Bibliography group, and choose Convert Citations and Bibliography and then Convert to Unformatted Citations.
3. Close all documents.
4. Create a new document.
5. Select the View tab and click on Outline to make a new master document, then insert and display each of the chapters as subdocuments. (Consult Word documentation for instructions.) [Note: If subdocuments are collapsed to hide their content in Outline view, expand them in order to display the contents of all subdocuments before continuing.]
6. In Word, go to the EndNote tab, find the Bibliography group, and click the bottom corner arrow. [Note: documents cannot be locked (designated Read-only).7. Verify formatting options and click OK.

A bibliography will be created at the end of the master document, using citations from the master document and all displayed subdocuments. This can be moved anywhere within the master or subdocuments, and remains in that location even when reformatted. [Note: EndNote will not format documents linked after the main document has been formatted. Text from the linked document will be ignored.]