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EndNote Library Management

Formatting Bibliographies from a Word document

There are two places to make edits to the bibliography in the Word document. Basic edits are made through the EndNote toolbar in Word:

Control of the look and layout of the bibliography beyond the basic settings in the EndNote toolbar can be made by going to the Home tab in the Word document and selecting EndNote from the list of styles in Word:

Creating Independent Bibliographies in EndNote

Getting Citations out of EndNote and Into an Independent Bibliography

EndNote can be used to create a bibliography independent of a paper, such as an annotated bibliography or a subject bibliography. First, select the desired output style for the independent bibliography (Tools >> Output Styles; select the desired style or click on Open Style Manager...).

*Including notes or abstracts: If a style does not include notes and abstracts, you may create new styles and edit existing ones.

Copy formatted references: Select the desired reference(s) from the EndNote library. (Hold down the control key to select multiple references.) From the References tab menu, select Copy Formatted Reference. Open the desired Word document and paste the formatted references using Ctrl-V or right-clicking for paste options.

Exporting references: Note: Only the references that are selected or showing in the active window will be exported. From the File menu, select Export…. Give the file a name and select the desired file type (see below), and click on Save.

  • Text: This format will only result in text and punctuation. Formatting such as underlining and italics will be lost. This format can be opened by any text editor.
  • RTF: This format (Rich Text Format) will retain font and formatting options. This format can be opened by all word processors.
  • HTML: This format (HyperText Markup Language) is useful for posting reference lists on a Web page.
  • XML: This format exports in a proprietary EndNote XML format.

Printing references:

The Print option from the File menu is a quick-and-dirty way to get the references on paper. As with exporting references, only the references that are showing in the active window will be exported. From the File menu, select the desired output style (as described above), then print.

Chapter Biblographies

To create a bibliography for each section in the document , OR to create a bibliography for each section and also a complete bibliography at the end of the document:

Select the style to be edited, then go to Edit > Output Styles > Edit (selected style):

Go to Sections to create separate bibliographies:


Bibliography Sorted by Category

To add subject categories to your Microsoft Word documents that are associated with specific reference types:

EndNote categorize references