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EndNote Library Management

Getting Citations out of EndNote and into a Manuscript

Before citing references in a manuscript:

  • Select the desired output style in EN by going to the Output styles option on the Edit menu. If the desired style is not available in the list, click on Open Style Manager… and select the output styles to be included in the Output styles submenu by clicking in the box to left of the style name. (Use the Style Info/Preview feature to find information about the style and to see samples of citations formatted in the highlighted style. For information on creating new styles and editing existing ones, see Creating new styles or the use the Help feature within EndNote).

    Note: Styles may also be downloaded from
  • Close the EndNote Styles window, then select the desired style from the output styles drop-down menu.
  • When ready to cite a reference in a manuscript, go to the EN toolbar in Word  and select Go to EndNote. Once EndNote is the active window, open the library of interest (if it is not already open).
  • Within the database, select the reference(s) to be cited and return to Word. (You can also use the Find Citation(s) option in the EN submenu/ribbon).
  • In the Word document, place the cursor where the reference(s) should be inserted, then select Insert Selected Citation(s) from the menu/ribbon.

To review, the general process of inserting citations is:

(1) In Word, Go to EndNote,

(2) in EndNote, select the citation(s) to insert,

(3) Return to Word and Insert Citation(s). A temporary, unformatted citation will be inserted in the manuscript. If Cite While You Write is turned on, you may not see this temporary citation. Cite While You Write (CWYW) automatically scans the manuscript for temporary citations and formats the in-text citations and reference lists according to the active output style while you are working on the manuscript. With older computers, instant formatting can be a slow process; it can be turned off by selecting Cite While You Write Preferences from the EN submenu/ribbon.  For more information about the citing references with EndNote, see the section below on using the Microsoft Word add-ins.

CWYW: Adding Citations to a Word Document

There are a few ways to place citations into a Word document. The simplest way is:

1) In the Word document, place the cursor where the citation is to be inserted

2) Open the EndNote toolbar and select Go to EndNote

3) Select the citation(s) to be inserted [Hold down the CTRL key to select individual citations; hold down the Shift key to select a block of citations. CTRL + A selects all library entries]

4) Select Insert Citation (Alt + 2) from the EndNote toolbar

[Note: make sure Instant Formatting is On is selected from the EndNote toolbar]

This action will insert the citations and simultaneously build a reference list at the end of the document.