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EndNote Library Management

Searching EndNote Libraries

Using quick search in the EndNote toolbar will execute a general search of all fields. To search an EndNote library for a specific reference or group of references, click on Show Search Panel (This will become Hide Search Panel when activated).The following options are available from the search window.

Search Item: This consists of three parts: the field menu, the comparison operator, and the search term field. Using the drop-down field menu, select the field in which to search. Select the desired comparison operation (contains, is, is less than, is less than or equal to, is greater than, is greater than or equal to, field begins with, field ends with, and word begins with). Enter the search term in the search term field.

Search Set: The drop-down menu near the top of the window determines what will be searched and displayed. Search whole library will search the whole library and will display the results of the search; this is the default. Omit from Showing References will hide the results of the search from the references that are showing.

For more complex searches, enter more than one search item and use Boolean operators (i.e. AND, OR) between them. The EndNote Manual and online help contain detailed information about searching EndNote libraries.