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EndNote Library Management

EndNote FAQs

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Cannot Open EndNote Library on a McIntosh Computer

Problem: After I install X21 on my Apple device and try to open it the computer tells me “EndNote 21 is damaged and can’t be opened.” 

Solution: Apple doesn’t trust the install because it came from a third party. The apps are packaged through Jamf composer with a postinstall script to add a license key or setting file into the app bundle. When an app is launched, it will check for it's signature. If the app bundle is modified such as by the postinstall script from Jamf composer, the OS will display the "App Is Damaged And Can’t Be Opened" error. To fix this manually, go into System Preference > Privacy & Security, and under the security section, select "Open Anyway" to open the app.

Problem with style formatting of organizational names

Problem: When I add a government organization as an author, the style formatting for the author in the citation is incorrect:


Fix: Double-click on the citation in the EndNote library (or select the citation and use Quick Edit) and add a comma after the entry in the author field to differentiate the organizational name from a person.

Problem with the in-text citation style formatting

Problem: When I insert a citatiion into my Word document, the in-text citation has a number, and there is no bibliography created. The citation looks like this:

{Wyatt, 1978 #3}

Fix: In Word 2010,  go to the EndNote Tab > Bibliography > Instant Formatting. Turn on Instant Formatting:


Fix: In Word 2013,  Turn on Instant Formatting from the EndNote Toolbar:

Note: If you have installed a plug-in from another program such as Mendeley in Word, this may also interfere with proper formatting. Removing the plug-in should restore EndNote formatting.

Problem with Page Number Formatting

Problem: Whenever I insert page numbers (or open a document that has page numbers) it automatically enters this formula: {page \* MERGEFORMAT}


Recovering a Damaged EndNote Library

The proper process for recovering library files:

  1. Open EndNote. With the library closed, go to Tools > Recover Library.
  2. Click OK to the notice that comes up, then select the library file you would like to recover (browse to the folder on your computer in which the library is located).
  3. After selecting your library, you will be prompted to save the new library. EndNote will add "-Saved" to the end of the original name and begin the recovery process.

    Once completed, EndNote will inform you of the number of references recovered into the Saved library. Use the Saved version of the library in place of the original, damaged library.

Note: Make sure both .enl and .Data folders are in the same location while trying to recover library.

Restoring the EndNote Tools in MS Word (MacIntosh Computers)

Problem: The EndNote tools are missing from the Word toolbar.

Fix: Install the Cite While You Write (CWYW) plug-in. In EndNote, click on "EndNote" in the upper left-hand corner > Customizer. Check the box next to Cite While You Write to install the plug-in. A restart of EndNote and Word may be necessary. You can also download the plug-in from EndNote Web.

EndNote Won't Install

Problem: When I try to install EndNote, I get a message to first close all applications, even though none are open.

Fix: Programs may still be running in the background -- probably Microsoft Word. Go to Task Manager > Processes and look for Microsoft Word. Right-click to end the process.

Problem: When I try to download the EndNote software from, I get a "500 Internal Server Error" message

Fix: Right click on the EndNote version to download and select "download" instead of clicking directly on the version link.

EndNote Online Problems

Problem: I cannot enter a library in EndNote's preferences for the purpose of sharing with a group.

Fix: Syncing between your EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online needs to be reset. Make a backup copy of your library before proceeding with the reset process. You may see the following Knowledge Base article for instructions:

Next, delete all the references and groups from your EndNote online account. See the below links for instructions:

Now do the following:

  1. In EndNote, click on the Edit menu and select Preferences. Uncheck “Sync Automatically”. Restart EndNote.
  2. Empty the trash on both your desktop library and online library.
  3. Go to Edit > Preferences, click on Sync and add the following to your E-mail address under EndNote Web Account Credentials: #!resetLocalSync
    This should then read as:!resetLocalSync. Click Save and close the Preferences screen.
  4. Click on the Tools menu and select Sync.
  5. EndNote will then appear to authenticate and return the prompt: “A Sync library can be linked to only one account. Do not proceed unless you intend to break the link to the original account.” This happens because EndNote has been tricked into thinking it authenticated against another user. Click OK, and EndNote will purge any knowledge of a previous sync.
  6. EndNote will then display a message, “Your local sync state has been reset. Please re-enter your E-Mail Address, restart EndNote, and Sync again.”
  7. Restart EndNote and open the copy of your library that has the full set of references.
  8. Go back to EndNote > Preferences and go to Sync.
  9. Enter the correct user/pass in and set up the automatic sync settings to meet your needs. The E-mail address should be reset back to:
  10. Save and Close the Preferences.
  11. When you click Sync again, you will once more get the message “A Sync library can be linked to only one account. Do not proceed unless you    intend to break the link to the original account.” Click OK.
  12. You will be prompted to make a backup of your library. You can create another backup of your library at this point. A complete Sync will then begin. 

Problem exporting to EndNote on a MacIntosh computer

Problem: EndNote saves a text file in my computer's download folder when I try to export a citation directly from a database onto my Mac computer.

Fix: Use a browser other than Explorer or Safari.

Missing Toolbar after Installing X8 and Deleting X7

Problem: The EndNote toolbar in Word disappeared after I installed X8 and deleted X7.

Fix: In Windows operating systems, go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. Select X8 from the list and select the Repair tab. This will reinstate the EndNote toolbar in Word.

Missing Floating Toolbar in MacIntosh

Problem: The EndNote floating toolbar has disappeared in my Mac version of EndNote.

Fix: In Word, go to the Toolbars tab. Select EndNote and then View to enable the floating toolbar.

Fixing a Centered Bibliography or Removing Unwanted Numbering

Problem: The EndNote Bibliography is centered instead of left justified.


  1. In MS Word, from the Home tab, open the Styles Pane
  2. Select a citation from the bibliography
  3. In the Styles Pane drop down menu, select the highlighted EndNote Bibliography
  4. Select the left Justify icon

To remove unwanted numbering, in the same window, open the Format drop down and select Numbering.

Locating the Install File

When you download EndNote you should have a compressed file containing all the necessary files to run the software, including the install file and the key for installation. Ideally, an install window will appear to start the installation process. Sometimes these files are not located in the same directory, and the install file cannot be found. If this is the case, first do a directory search for the Windows installer EN20Inst.msi. If the installer is not located, initiate the following steps:

Look in downloads for:

Double Click on that, and you’ll see:

Add anything after the slash to create a subfolder within Downloads that the two files will be extracted to:

When you look in your Downloads now, you should see the folder you just created (sort by Date Modified to see newest files and folders):

Click on the program labelled EN20Inst.msi to install

EndNote Error Message

Problem: An EndNote error message appearing when inserting references into Word. 


1) In EndNote select Edit and Preferences (Windows) or EndNote menu and Preferences (Mac)
2) Select the Folder Locations option
3) Click on the EndNote Defaults button and select Yes
4) Click Apply and OK