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EndNote Library Management

Getting Started with EndNote: Filters and Output Styles you’ll Need from the Library

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***IMPORTANT: Before adding citations to your EndNote library***

Journal Term Lists: Some styles require the use of National Library of Medicine or other journal title abbreviations. The journal term list feature in EndNote is used to perform automatic substitution of abbreviated journal names in formatted bibliographies.  EndNote comes loaded with journal term lists and are available in the EndNote folder where you installed the program.

To import a term list file to Endnote:

  1. Open the library with which you want to use the journal list.
  2. First, from the Edit > Preferences > Term Lists screen, uncheck the 'Update lists during data entry' option.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Open Term Lists..., then Journals Term List.
  4. On the Terms tab, highlight and delete existing terms. (If a journal title without abbreviations is in the list when
    the abbreviations list is imported, EndNote will use the non‐abbreviated option first.)
  5. Click on the Lists tab and make sure that Journals is highlighted.
  6. Click on Import List and select the file to import (this will be the revmedical.txt file). Depending on the size of the
    imported list, this may take some time.
  7. Then close the Term Lists window. [NOTE: list includes BIOSIS, Chem Abs, and L'Annee philologique abbreviations.]

Filters: A filter tells EndNote how to import references from online databases and catalogs. Without the correct filter, EndNote will not be able to import references. EndNote automatically comes installed with many filters. If you need a filter that doesn't come with EndNote, visit to obtain additional filters.

Output Styles: Output styles tell EndNote how to format citations. Styles are available for individual journals or for general styles (APA, AMA, NLM, Chicago, etc.). Without the correct style, EndNote will not be able to properly format your citations. EndNote automatically comes with many output styles. However, there may be styles that you may need that do not come with EndNote. Visit to obtain additional output styles.

Optimizing EndNote for finding Full Text Articles: Before you begin using EndNote, make changes to the Full Text Preferences to allow access to OhioLINK subscription full text resources through the EBSCO Linksource.