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This LibGuide connects you to library resources and information to increase your skills, confidence, and knowledge in all aspects of nursing research, evidence-based practice, and scholarly communication.

Full-Text Articles

When you conduct a search for articles on a topic in a database, you will retrieve a list of search results with basic information about those articles, including the author(s), article title, publication year, journal title, volume/issue number, and page numbers. An abstract (a brief summary of the article) may also be provided.

To access an article in its entire full length form - or full-text - there are a variety of options as outlined below. 

Having trouble locating the full-text of articles? Please contact your Nursing Librarian Jodi Jameson for assistance (, 419.383.5152). 

Option 1: Connect to the Full-Text within your Database Search Results

When viewing your article results in research databases, you may see different links to pursue access to the full-text, including the yellow FindIt@UT link. 

The  link will always be an option in any of your library database search results. After clicking FindIt! you will see a screen with links to access the full-text if available from the UToledo Libraries, for example: 

Option 2: Search by Article Title

Perhaps you located an article not from a database search, but from reviewing a reference list or bibliography in another source (such as a book, another journal article, or website). Or, perhaps a colleague or fellow student mentioned an interesting article to you, and you want to access it to read for yourself.

To look up the full-text of that article, you can search throughout the library's entire collection by entering the article title in the UTMOST Search box on the library's website. 

These steps are outlined (with example screenshots) in the downloadable PDF document below:

Option 3: Search by Journal Title

An additional option is to access the journal that an article was published in, and then search/browse for the specific article you are looking for from within the journal itself. 

These steps are outlined (with example screenshots) in the downloadable PDF document below:

Request Unavailable Articles Using Interlibrary Loan

If you have attempted to access the full-text of an article, but it is unavailable from the UToledo Libraries, you may submit a request using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Quick Steps for Using ILLiad

  1. To begin using ILLiad, create an account
  2. Log-in to your ILLiad account to submit a request
  3. After logging in, click on Place a Request and choose Article
  4. Complete the Article Request Form and click Submit Request 

You can also log-in to ILLiad directly from FindIt@UT to request a specific article

The UToledo Libraries will locate the article from another library that has it and deliver it to you electronically in PDF format at no cost to you. 

When your article has arrived, you will receive an e-mail notification. The article will be uploaded as a PDF file in your ILLiad account. Log-in to your ILLIad account to retrieve it under Electronically Received Articles. PDFs will stay posted to your account for 30 days, so once you receive your article be sure to download it and save it. 

ILLiad can also be used to request books and other physical library materials not available through the UToledo Libraries or OhioLINK. For more information, see the ILLiad LibGuide