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This LibGuide connects you to library resources and information to increase your skills, confidence, and knowledge in all aspects of nursing research, evidence-based practice, and scholarly communication.

APA Manual (7th Edition) - Available at Mulford Library

For reputable online resources about APA Style, explore the following links: 

APA 7th Edition - Style and Formatting Resources

The following links from the APA Style website will provide you with information on how to format papers and cite/reference sources according to the APA 7th Edition guidelines. 

Sample Papers

View sample papers formatted in APA 7th Edition style from the following online resources:

APA Formatting Options in Research Databases

Most research databases (such as CINAHL or PubMed) provide options for quickly formatting a selected reference from your database search results in APA Style. Instructions for using these tools are provided below. IMPORTANT! Please use these citation tools cautiously and be sure to check for accuracy by consulting the original APA Style guidelines (see resources above). 

CINAHL (and other EBSCOhost databases)

  • From your search results list in CINAHL, or any database on the EBSCOhost interface (such as MEDLINE or PsycINFO), click the title of the article you want to reference. 
  • Next, click the Cite icon  located on the right side of the screen.
  • A Citation Format screen will appear with examples of how your selected article reference should be formatted according to a variety of styles, including APA 7th Edition
  • Highlight the reference, and copy and paste.
  • Check the reference for accuracy and edit accordingly. 

PubMed (access via the PubMed @ UT link)

  • From your search results list in PubMed, click the title of the article you want to reference.
  • Next, click the Cite icon  located on the right side of the screen.
  • A small pop-up window will appear with your selected article reference
  • Under the Format menu (lower right corner), choose APA.
  • Click the Copy option to copy the reference, then paste into your document.
  • Check the reference for accuracy and edit accordingly. 

EndNote: Software to Help you Format Papers

All UToledo students, faculty, and staff can download a copy of the EndNote bibliographic management software program for free

EndNote helps you format papers according to specific styles, including APA 7th Edition. When writing lengthy papers, EndNote can save you time and frustration by automatically inserting in-text citations and formatting your reference list. 

Download EndNote

  • Go to 
  • Click Login to Manage Your Services and enter your UTAD username and password
  • Under Software Downloads click Download EndNote Software
  • Save and run the appropriate EndNote20 installer for your operating system (either Mac or Windows)

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