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Beware of Predatory Journals and Publishers

This page is designed to provide you with information and guidance on differentiating between unethical, predatory journals and legitimate peer-reviewed journals. Follow the links below to access specific information and resources on this page:

Need help? When in doubt, please ask your Nursing Librarian Jodi Jameson for assistance. 


What Are Predatory Journals?

Unfortunately, a variety of non-legitimate, non-peer reviewed "predatory" journals have infiltrated the scholarly communication landscape in recent years.

These predatory publishers prey upon scholars by promising rapid publication of an article manuscript for a feeThese types of publishers and journals are not the same as legitimate open access publications

To guard and protect the integrity of your research and scholarship, avoid falling prey to these predatory publishers.

Articles published in predatory journals are not peer-reviewed and are not indexed in professional, academic bibliographic databases. Publishing in a predatory journal can negatively impact your academic reputation and have detrimental effects on your promotion or tenure.

The following definition succinctly describes the nature of predatory publishers:

  • “Predatory journals and publishers are entities that prioritize self-interest at the expense of scholarship and are characterized by false or misleading information, deviation from best editorial and publication practices, a lack of transparency, and/or the use of aggressive and indiscriminate solicitation practices” (Grudniewicz et al., 2019, p. 211).

Grudniewicz, A., Moher, D., Cobey, K. D., Bryson, G. L., Cukier, S., Allen, K., Ardern, C., Balcom, L., Barros, T., Berger, M., Ciro, J. B., Cugusi, L., Donaldson, M. R., Egger, M., Graham, I. D., Hodgkinson, M., Khan, K. M., Mabizela, M., Manca, A., Milzow, K., … Lalu, M. M. (2019). Predatory journals: No definition, no defence. Nature, 576(7786), 210–212.


VIDEO PRESENTATION: Don't Fall Prey to Predatory Publishers

Nursing Librarian Jodi Jameson, MLIS recorded a 30 minute presentation for CON faculty on how to avoid predatory publishers and journals, entitled Don't Fall Prey to Predatory Publishers: Red Flags and Resources


Resources: Determining Predatory Status

Resources: Finding Legitimate Journals